Frequently Asked Questions

Anaka Home appreciates your business. Below are frequently asked questions. If for any reason the answer to your question is not listed here, feel free to contact us.

Do you have a physical location in which we can see and purchase products?

– Anaka Home is an online retail company therefore all purchases will be made online on our website.

Are Anaka Home products lead-free?

– Some customers may be concerned our products are imported from abroad and may contain lead or any heavy metals commonly found in paints and glazes. We would like you to rest assure we collect our pieces from some of the most trusted suppliers who test all products in special labs for these metals and provide us with all test results. Furthermore, the FDA scans the products for heavy metals upon arrival at all U.S. ports.

What language is the calligraphy?


What do the products say?

-Arabic poetry or proverbs.

Can I purchase wholesale?

-We will take it as case-by-case basis, please contact us for more details via email at

What is your policy on returns?

-At Anaka Home we guarantee you 100% satisfaction or a full refund when items are returned within our 14-day return policy in the original undamaged package. Please see our return policy for details.

Can my purchased orders be mailed to multiple addresses ?

-We cannot ship different items in one order to multiple addresses. If you need items to be sent to different address please submit a separate order for each item.

When I select an item to purchase and is reflected in my shopping cart, do you guarantee I have the merchandise?

-Placing an item in your shopping cart does not guarantee it will be available when you are ready to make your purchase.

I saw an item on the website, and now it has disappeared. Why?

-Item quantities are limited and are removed from the site when they are out of stock.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

-Yes —within 48 hours. If you don’t receive email confirmation, please contact us. Please provide us with your name and the date that the order was placed.

What is a CVN or CCID number?

-Visa, Mastercard, and Discover:

The back of your card: Three-digit, non-embossed number printed on the signature panel immediately following your account number.

am Exp

-American Express:

On the front of your card: Four-digit, non-embossed number printed above your account number.


Can I track the delivery of my online order?

-Yes, you can track your order. Once the order has shipped we will email you a tracking number.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?