Small Bread Plate in image not included.

For a graceful display, this dinner plate features classic poetry in Arabic on white porcelain. A touch of elegance on any dining table.
بسمت فلاح ضياء لؤلؤ ثغرها فيه لداء العاشقين شفاء
وبدت فقلت البدر ليلة تمه قد قلدته نجومها الجوزاء

When she smiles, her shining pearls are the cure for all lovers.

Material: Porcelain.
Unit: Set of 8 (4 plates of each size).
Dinner Plate: 11 inches.
Salad Plate: 9 inches.
Appetizer/Bread Plate in IMAGE IS NOT INCLUDED (OUT OF STOCK).

Care instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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